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July 18th, 2006 (06:56 pm)

...I am so lazy at blogging sometimes, its amazing.... XD

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March 10th, 2006 (05:09 pm)

current mood: sick
current song: "Trip" by Hedley

SPRING BREAK HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!! yet despite the uppercase letters, I am feeling no excitement compared to all my friends. It's nothing big--just don't have to go back to school until the...two mondays from now :3 got two softball practices next week, and an essay to write --THAT'S ALL I GOTTA DO!!! That, and stop being lazy in the fanfiction department *sighes* too lazy to change anything

oooo! lemonfingers yay! a fiction site that looks cool! I joined it :3 this is me! and I'm too lazy to add anything on there for awhile... bleh reminds me of some other things I don't feel like updatin' much on XD

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(no subject)

February 14th, 2006 (12:15 am)

current mood: stressed
current song: "Missing" by Ellegarden

Dang.... I'm lazier than heck on livejournal... *sighes* oh well, better late than never. And I'll try my best to keep the randomness to an extent.

It's late in the middle of night right now; I most certainly should be in bed (or doing some last minute homework for History, Algebra, FoodScience, English.... might as well study for the History, Algebra, and Chemistry tests that are TOMORROW while I'm at it --but I won't be "at it" in the first place, so why bother going that far? man, I think negative sometiems...)

geh. I really hate that my week's so freakin' busy! There's valentines day (o.o I wonder if any of my friends got me a valentine?!) which means I'm lonely like every year--being mean to the opposite sex can do that for you. Some of my friends will be gone on wednesday, meaning I'll be left alone at the lunch table with Kim O_o NOOOO!!!!! TEH SCARINESS OF IT ALL!!!! >.< (juniors get to go on some trip, and I'm a not junior...*sniff*). There's a Spanish trip to Medieval times on Thursday that I do get to go to (no money to spend at that one, but more than enough peeps to chill with). Friday's pretty much open to anything, hopefully that's what it'll stay... OPEN. And saturday's yet another UIL meet (TAKING THE SCIENCE TEST!!! MUST GET A SCORE HIGHER THAN 84!!! ..or at least beat Tim--the "smart" senior...who got a lower score than a sophomore, moi, in a previous UIL meet--so I can rub it in his face! ...again! XD) Then add school work, softball and golf practice *sighes* how long am I going to last under all this...stuff! >.<

at least there are some things to look forward to... like March 28th... XD

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December 31st, 2005 (11:27 pm)

current mood: lmao
current song: some random stuff~


this is our random subject today--only because a friend of mine suggested it. they come in a varriety of colors (black, white, brown, red, white....well done, overcooked, grilled, fried....would you like mustard on that? how about a pickle or two?, etc) *cough* and bob wants to know...do you have a b.o.b.?

muwhahha---if you don't know what a "b.o.b." is, then you probably weren't meant to know. either that, or you're really stupid (or just aren't up to date in some things in the personal satisfaction area) But I will tell you that I do not have a b.o.b. for I don't want one... real live boyfriends are so much better! XD (that was a big hint, you crazy peoples!)

now onto other random news, we have dry weather. we've (texas that is) have lacked rain for quite some time, so do you know what that means? no water makes things really dry... and dryness means no pretty exploding chinese lights that appears in the sky... that makes me sad... I like those pretty lights--that can also make fire!--for I am a pyro at times... just like Axel is (YOU KNOW HE IS!!!!) XD

Demyx is awesome. he has a mullet. i now like anyone else who has a mullet, for now i believe that they are sexy. XD if you do not agree with me--than you are not a follower of the DemyxCult that meets behind the alley of McDonalds every third friday at 3 in the morning.... because I haven't seen any of you there--for I don't even go to these meetings... I am normally asleep at that time of night (morning, whatever) so..yeah...

you know what? crayons are awesome. coloring is fun too. i mean--i have you seen those crayola boxes that have 64 different colors? and you can't forget that little sharpener (sadly, that doesn't cut human skin...just wax) that you can sharpen your crayons when they get dull, because you used that one color a little too much--but only since it was a pretty color, and you just loved it so much that you colored in EVERYTHING with it!--and then....there's that ONE color. that you never ever use. it is an ugly color, a putrid color, one that makes you want to puke just thinking about it...gahh, i hate that color *shivers* it gives me nightmares sometimes

i got new shoes the other day. I am wearing them right now. they're REAL converse (not those knock-off "exhirlations" that lasted a really long time) don't ask me why I'm wearing shoes at the moment, because I don't really know. it might be that I'm too lazy to take them off--i don't know. but I bet YOU know! *cougharandomburstofinsanitycough*

wow, that music playing right now (at the place I am currently at--a friends house) is really loud. but it's still good, just because. omg, helena just started playing on the radio *starts singing* yay for my chemical romance! w00t!~ i loves them too! lmao, I "love" a lotta things....

woah, my tummy just growled... I didn't hear it (the music is too loud) but I felt it. and that's all that matters. but i refuse to eat. maybe next year (13 minutes away right now), yeah--that might work.

Aren't random subject feckin' awesome? XD that was a whole bunch of them at one time! oh, I could figure out some more--but I'd rather post this now and get it over with already XD

tata, happy new years (it probably will be to those while they're reading this) so yay!

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(no subject)

December 27th, 2005 (05:09 am)

current mood: tired
current song: CLEVER SLEAZOID by Dir en Grey

muwhahaha! random blog entry XD

actually, I felt bad that I haven't posted anything on this for over a month....not that there wasn't anything left to say (since most everything is covered in my other blog) and copy/pasting the stuff onto this one just doesn't seem right... ><

but hihi to everyone who actually befriended me!

happy holidays to everyone as well!

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nothing in particular

August 1st, 2005 (05:21 pm)

current mood: bored
current song: ~My Chemical Romance~

You know what? I've had this journal for awhile now but... I just now figured that I post something! But what to post? Hrmm, well I love KingdomHearts and FullMetal Alchemist... I am attempting to write fan fiction (postin my 'works' on fanfiction.net) and maybe I can talk to myself in this journal. Why not? Already do that in my real journal...

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